Quality People

With the understanding that honesty and integrity are key benchmarks of ‘quality,’ we recognize that our associates make the difference between a good company and a truly outstanding one.

Field Management

All property managers cycle through extensive on-line and in-house classroom training to ensure that accuracy and standardization is integral to their management approach. Managers have an array of training requirements and opportunities such as California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM), Certified Tax Credit Manager (CTCM), Site Compliance Specialists (SCS), and Certified Apartment Manager (CAM).

Combined, our field staff has amassed over 150 years of property management experience in conventional property management, affordable housing property management, and managing large, medium and small multi-family communities and single family residences. Several of our managers have had the oversight responsibilities of managing properties through difficult transition periods and are focused on maintaining exceptional customer service.

Accounting and Finance Management

Our experienced accounting staff is committed to timely, accurate, and detailed accounting. Following strict generally accepted accounting practices, our mission is to be exceptional stewards in managing the assets entrusted to our management. Our seasoned staff works diligently to ensure that quality is met at every step of the accounting process and are always available to our clients to review financials and meet their reporting needs.

Maintenance Team

Our in-house maintenance team is versed in a large range of skills and abilities. From plumbing to drywall, electrical to painting, simple HVAC to complex construction, when a task or request is identified, our techs provide a quick response and repair or notify management to call in the proper industry specialist. In this manner, we control repair costs, increasing our clients’ profits by minimizing overhead expenses.