Our Precision

Our Precision

At Quality we provide Property Management with Precision and Care.

We define quality service to our owners by combining the precision of large company resources with the care of small company personal attention through our property management.

We deliver Quality Precision to our owners by providing:

At Quality, we provide our owners with lower delinquency rates at 3.6% which is more efficient than the national average.

There are multiple layers that contribute to our higher collection rates that include:

  1. Ensuring a potential renter is income qualified with a past credit history that meets our criteria;
  2. Stressing on move-in day the importance of rent being paid timely;
  3. Communicating a higher than average late fee as a detriment to paying after the rent is due;
  4. Generating rent payment reports reviewed weekly by resident managers with their supervisors; and
  5. Incentivizing resident managers for milestones achieved in their quarterly bonus payments.

At Quality, we provide our owners with a shorter vacant unit turn time of only 5 days which is faster than the national average.

Our preventive maintenance program allows us to address conditions before a resident moves out that include:

  1. Conducting regularly scheduled inspections throughout the resident’s stay allows us to stay current with conditions inside the home;
  2. Scheduling repairs at or shortly after those inspections means when the home is returned to our possession there are few large or unknown damage conditions to extend the unit turn duration;
  3. Conducting pre-move out inspection allows the service tech time to schedule vendors, order parts or supplies and schedule the appropriate time to make the apartment rent ready for the next occupant; and
  4. Standardizing all parts and components at each community allows for on-hand inventory that cuts down delays on special order items.

At Quality, we provide our owners with lower vacant unit turn costs that average $2.16 per square foot which is lower than the national average.

We link our long-term relationships with vendors with volume work to control pricing and achieve a lower cost for services that include:

  1. Standardizing components within communities including fixtures, faucets, handles, knobs, flooring, paint type and colors, window treatments, filters and appliances;
  2. Working with suppliers who can plan their ordering and inventory to minimize their costs of unnecessary stockpiling and warehousing;
  3. Negotiating some exclusive relationships with locked-in pricing for 12-18 months at a time; and
  4. Participating in our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to leverage membership with large suppliers for deep discount pricing.

At Quality, our focus throughout everything we do is to provide property management with Quality Precision and Care for our owners.