Our Care

Our Care

At Quality we provide Property Management with Precision and Care.

We define quality service to our owners by combining the precision of large company resources with the care of small company personal attention through property management.

We deliver Quality Care to our owners by providing:

  • Quarterly market rent evaluations
  • Regular Unit Inspections
  • Annual preventive maintenance plans
  • Annual capital forecasts
  • Resident response within a maximum of 24 hours
  • Regulation monitoring for compliant resident relations
  • Screening and on-going trainings for Resident Managers
  • Vendors who meet or exceed our rigorous standards

At Quality, we provide our owners with quarterly area rent evaluations at no additional cost to keep them up to speed on current pricing strategies in the marketplace and opportunities to grow their revenues.

Quality Management Group strives to provide our owners with the resources they need to know their investment performance in the marketplace. These reports are not available to the general public and require expensive subscriptions that can cost up to $12,000 per year. Quality provides this data and analysis free of charge to our clients on a quarterly basis.

Our detailed quarterly rental market analysis compares occupancy, rents, and rent growth in the Inland Empire which allows our owners to better understand that their investment is:

At Quality, we provide our owners with annual capital forecasts to keep their assets current with the competition, manage cash flow, and provide for long-term asset preservation.

The key is to set longer range forecasts, so that planning for current annual capital improvements becomes part of the regular maintenance cycle, rather than a reaction to deferred conditions and includes:

  1. Working with the owner to understand their goals and financial expectations
  2. Managing owner expectations and acceptable cycles for parking, exterior paint and trim, decks and landings, HVAC, appliances, and interior upgrades
  3. Developing capital replacement savings strategies with our owners
  4. Forecasting and promoting strategies to reduce long-term and recurring expenses such as xeriscaping to significantly reduce water expense for lawn irrigation and solar paneling as a way to offset common area lighting expenses
  5. Negotiating with telecom providers to bonus our owners for providing exclusivity for the building and reduced pricing to household members for TV, Phone and internet

At Quality, we train our resident managers weekly to provide the added assurance for our owners of continuous quality improvement that protects their investment.

Our focus it to protect our owners and enhance their investment through continuous quality improvement of our team with on-going training for our community managers that includes:

  1. Laws for the State of California regarding the tenant/landlord obligations
  2. New income limits and rental amount calculations
  3. Changes in required forms or reporting
  4. Federal Fair Housing or ADA laws
  5. Updates in industry specific digital technologies
  6. New products that last longer and cost less
  7. Ongoing customer service
  8. Ongoing marketing resources
  9. Process and procedures refreshers
  10. Legislative updates

At Quality, our focus throughout everything we do is to provide property management with Quality Precision and Care for our owners.