It started with a single property, a triplex in Colton on Grape and Walnut. In 1982, Joshua LaBarge bought the property with a partner as a rental. He obtained his real estate license the same year and slowly acquired more properties, doing much of the repair work and all of the management himself. When an old friend asked if he wanted to take on some more properties, Quality Management Group was born. Quality’s knack for keeping expenses down and maximizing profit attracted other owners, and as the company grew, Mr. LaBarge was able to pursue his interest in affordable housing. He created LaBarge Industries to develop, acquire and/or rehab these properties.

QMG and LaBarge Industries Today

Today, Quality Management Group offers a full spectrum of property management services tailored to meet the needs of small to large-sized residential communities and single family homes in both the affordable and conventional markets, both for private investors and local city and county agencies. Our diversified portfolio consists of a broad range of property types with different investment objectives, including:

  • Conventional communities where controlling expenses and aggressive occupancy and collection strategies ensure a maximum return
  • Affordable communities where strict adherence to compliance-related requirements such as resident screening and detailed income certification procedures ensure clients, partners, cities and counties continue to enjoy the financials benefits of compliance. Our expertise includes funding sources such as:
    • Tax Credit Financing
    • Bond Financing
    • HOME and Low Mod Set-aside Fund Financing
    • Project Based Section 8 and Housing Choice Vouchers

Today, LaBarge Industries works with developer partners to develop new or acquire and rehabilitate dilapidated communities. We are experienced in every aspect of development from obtaining financing to cutting the ribbon on such projects as:

  • New Development (Affordable and Conventional)
  • Deteriorated Communities
  • Senior Housing
  • Homeless Veteran Housing

Both companies pride themselves on their long track record of successful partnerships and trusted business relationships to meet or exceed partner and investor expectations. They have the ability to work separately or jointly to promote and protect the best interests of the properties they develop or manage.